Aerial Evolution Association of Canada (AEAC)

For the 2022 competition, AEAC created a simulated embassy protection mission. Our system was first tasked with reading information from a QR code and autonomously taking off to the coordinates within that data. We then had to track an intruder and answer questions about them found in the QR code data. Our next task was remotely identifying and retrieving a suspicious package. We added ground driving capabilities to our drone with an extendable claw and camera feed to line up and grab the package. The competition took place between May 6th and May 8th.

Student Unmanned Aircraft Systems Competition (SUAS)

UBC UAS built a large, fast, multi-rotor capable of performing autonomous flights while carrying multiple payloads for the SUAS competition. The mission was to autonomously fly to waypoints while avoiding obstacles like buildings. We were also tasked with taking aerial photos to stich together to create a map, creating an active aircraft avoidance system, and building a rover to be deployed that autonomously navigates and transports a water bottle to the mission location. Our in-house software suite was used to create aircraft flight paths, manage imaging for mapping, sending telemetry to the control server and perform object detection. The competition ran from July 15th to 18th.