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Why Join UBC Uncrewed Aircraft Systems?

Happy team members holding a few of the team drones

UBC UAS is a great place to get a taste of industry, develop a diverse range of technical skills, network with like-minded individuals, and work on meaningful projects. Every year we design and build new systems from the ground up for our national Aerial Evolution Association of Canada (AEAC) competition and international Student Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) competition hosted by the RoboNation. We also like to have fun - we treat our design team members like family and host regular socials.

Fall Recruitment Timeline

Recruitment timeline
Recruitment timeline

Upcoming Events

Come visit us at one of the upcoming events to ask questions and learn more about UBC Uncrewed Aircraft Systems!

Info Session 1

Imagine Day

  • Date: September 5th
  • Time: 1:00 - 4:30 PM
  • Location: Main Mall

Info Session 2

Position Openings

Table of Contents

General Member Roles

Aircraft Roles

The aircraft sub-team builds innovative uncrewed aerial vehicles for our competitions. We work closely with our software and payload sub-teams to ensure proper integration between our systems. We are also responsible for the upkeep of active aircraft and ensuring flight readiness for test flights and competition.

Mechanical Designer

Design and manufacture aerodynamic and lightweight airframes as well as control surfaces and landing gear. Members will learn and apply skills in mechanical design, aerodynamics, manufacturing, control surface selection, airfoil analysis and simulation tools applicable across industries.

Electrical Designer

Design of electrical systems within our aircraft, working closely with software and payload to ensure proper integration between systems. Members will learn and apply skills that are essential across industries including communication systems management, power management, signal processing, soldering, PCB design, and PID tuning and sensor calibration.

Payload Roles

The payload sub-team creates mission-specific payload systems for competition. The sub-team works on projects including autonomous delivery rovers, winch mechanisms, and anything capable of interfacing with the aircraft. These projects involve the integration of multiple engineering disciplines.

Mechanical Designer

Work alongside electrical designers to develop enclosures and structures controlled by electrical components. You will make use of CAD, FEA software, and various manufacturing techniques including 3D printing and laser cutting. Knowledge of statics, materials, and mechanical design principles is an asset.

Software Designer

Design the software and embedded layer for payload projects which may include the use of microcontrollers, Git, control systems, telemetry, and more. Knowledge of motor control, control systems, and microcontrollers is an asset.

Electrical Designer

Design segments of payload projects with electrical aspects. You will learn to use microcontrollers to control motors and circuits, using EDA, RC, power distribution, etc. to ensure proper control and movements of the payload components.

Software Roles

The software developed by this sub-team acts as the brain and also the glue of the whole system. The sub-team works on many different projects/programs and uses a variety of tools and languages. We encourage members to work on projects that they are interested in and apply their experience while learning new tools.

Software Member

All projects are up for grabs (everyone gets to choose at the start of the year what they get to work on) and we plan to work with a sprint based system. Some languages and tools we use: JavaScript, Go, C++, Git, Angular, Python, React, Django, Docker, Linux CLI. Any knowledge with these tools and languages are a plus. Prior professional software development experience is not required but recommended. Open source contribution is also a plus.

Admin Team Roles

Social Media Associate

Working alongside our social media manager, you will assist with promoting the team and its projects on social media. This includes creating content for our social media platforms, managing our social media accounts, and engaging with our followers. This role is a great opportunity to use your creativity as well as develop your communication and marketing skills.


You will be able to access the application through our website starting August 28th at midnight (PST).

This webpage (! All the application details and links will be updated on August 28th.

The application process includes a general submission (with your resume, desired position, as well as some other information that will be released on August 28th). Be ready to show your eagerness and passion!

There are openings for our 3 sub-teams: Aircraft, Payload, and Software. If you are looking to build skills in mechanical, electrical, robotics, or software engineering, we encourage you to apply! We are also recruiting for our admin team which includes roles in finance, marketing, and events.

Don’t have much experience? We have your back. As a new member you can expect to be grouped with people of different levels of experience. We want to create an environment where you can learn, improve your skills, and gain valuable experience, all while doing meaningful work.

We expect our members to commit 6-10 hours per week. This includes our weekly team meeting on Saturdays where we come together to discuss, plan, and collaborate. We understand that school comes first, and we will work with you to ensure that you are able to balance your schoolwork and team work.

Once our applications open, we start reviewing applications on a rolling basis. During this period, strong applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview and complete a small design challenge. Don’t worry if you don’t get a response right away, as it takes significant time and effort to go through the large number of applications we receive. After completing an interview, applicants will be notified of the results of their application. Again, this will not happen right away in most cases, so please be patient.

More questions? Send us an email at [email protected] .

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