Sponsors are a crucial to the success of the team, and we are incredibly grateful for everyone who supports us. We are always looking for new sponsors to help us take our innovations to new heights. If you are interested in sponsoring us, please contact out the details below and contact us at [email protected] .

Why Sponsor Us

We reach thousands of Canadians through our active participation in national and international autonomous aircraft competitions. Additionally, we facilitate youth outreach events, hold info sessions, and host technical workshops that are open to all students. We are always delighted to speak with potential sponsors who will make these ventures possible.

The ongoing expansion of our team and projects allows us to broadcast our sponsors on national and international stages. We are proud to positively shape brands through our platform at UBC UAS.

Your support allows students to gain the most from their UBC education by creating opportunities to apply their classroom knowledge to the field, creating better engineers for the future.

Current Sponsors

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